15 December 2015

I'm Back!!

Apologies, Christmas madness has taken over and writing blog posts has fallen off my radar. When I sat down to write this I thought, God, that's awful but at least I'll have loads to say. Ha!

In the last 10 days though...

We've snuggled under a lot of blankets and watched a lot of Disney movies after school!

We've had a lot of time with Nana's dogs (who are also coming for Christmas, who knew? Not me or Husband, that's for sure!!)

We've made a lot of mess!!

We've fought off the lurgy best we could (Mama succumbed over the last weekend but it's nothing some Beechams can't keep at bay)

And we've also decorated the tree-of-immense-festiveness! I love it even more now it's got sparkly twinkly lights on, sooooo perfect.

What else have we been up to? 

The school Christmas fair gave me a crackalackin' headache but raised an immense £1600, I thank you!

We went to the local grammar school's Christmas ball which was a hoot and a half.

Husband hosted his company's Christmas party at House of the Rising Sun in Shrewsbury which was a wonderful night with 8 of our nearest and dearest.

We attended the annual Light up a Life service at Lichfield Cathedral in honour of my beloved Dad.

I rearranged the playroom. Thrilling, I know!

Boy went into Birmingham with his Nana to see a Christmas Musical Concert at THSH, lots of festive fun.

We've already seen Santa twice and are scheduled to see him another 2 times before the big day, slight oversight on my part, happens every year!!

So yeah, life has been a little hectic over here in the shire and we're all suffering a bit. We could really do with slowing right down and just 'being' or we're all going to be ill for the actual day itself. Boy finishes school on Thursday at lunchtime and I think that is going to be my plan, hunker down at home for a few days and let us all re-energise. 

Add in the tumble dryer finally giving up the ghost so having to order a new one, the hoover tube splitting in two so having to order a new one, finishing off the Christmas gift shopping, finally starting to think about the Christmas food shopping, two big nights out, endless meals out with different friends and family...we are officially skint until March! Ouch! Some days at home is what our bodies and our bank account needs!!

How is everyone else getting on? Are we all decorated and shopped and ready? 

Back ASAP with some wardrobe ideas for gifts ;-)

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