22 December 2015

Tis the season...

...to take full advantage of your Husband's generosity and tick some lust items off the list! I may well be the epitome of restraint when it comes to buying for my children but as soon as I get the green light for choosing my own gifts...that resolve may or may not go flying out the window!!

This year I have chosen:

a new chunky watch.

a LBD that I can wear in the day to lunches (now just need some suitable boots to go with it?!!)
Double-breasted wool coat

and a knee length navy coat to help me stop looking like a bag lady in my North Face gilet. We shall see if it works!

As ever, I have ticked everyone off my list, wrapped the whole shebang and was sitting back smugly on the sofa last night when I realised that Husband has 3 items of clothing and a tube of fruit pastilles...and nothing else. Huh. He mentioned a book this morning and Nana's dogs need new beds (don't ask, after eating wooden toys, chewing open some gifts under the tree, raiding the dog food, emptying the recycling all over the kitchen and POO'ING in two different rooms they have been relegated to the kitchen but it's cold tiles in there and so I feel new beds for Christmas are in order) so once again my poor children are being dragged to the shops. I am going to try and convince them that it's a fun expedition by purchasing a McDonalds for lunch!! The things you resort to when desperate. 

Husband is out on a work do this evening and staying in a hotel (we have been together 14 years this spring, this is a safer plan for all involved, I don't do drunken Husband when I'm stone cold sober trying to keep babies and dogs asleep!) so after I've completed today's Davina workout (sob) and wrapped today's purcahses I shall be, once again, sitting down smugly. That's the plan anyway.

What have you asked Santa for this year? Anything gorgeous for your wardrobe?

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