23 January 2017

Women's March 2017

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Wow, Saturday's news stories were a sight to behold. I haven't been able to watch any video footage of the presidential happenings for the last month or so, I found they made me rage too much. I've been following the news closely online though and in such stressful and upsetting times, I was overwhelmed to see so many humans out in force protesting peacefully against everything that Trump represents.

Nana moved house on Friday so we have been knee deep in packing boxes for the last 48 hours or I may have joined in. I also live in the shire where 'feminism' is a still considered somewhat of a dirty word and 'protesting' is something to be done quietly at home, maybe in your mind whilst you fold some laundry (that's not antagonistic, there's just a lot of SAHMs up here and that's what we do!) However you did it, thought, what's important to note is that we have collectively come to the decision that the man is a total and utter c#nt and we will vehemently rise up against his bullshit, hand in hand.

I know the march is over, and what we are protesting about is unfortunately much more than Women's Rights, but the fight is just beginning and my fear is that a lot of what that man represents and is capable of will quickly filter down to our youth and affect the entire world. More info can be found here if you fancy a read (warning: you will feel all empowered and feminist after this!)

In the meantime,

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...whether it comes in the form of marching alongside thousands loudly or proudly, or an internal change in your attitude and tolerance levels, call out casual racism, challenge gender stereotypes, celebrate differences, constantly reinforce respect towards each other (esp infront of younger, impressionable minds), and BE KIND. 

Because if the free world is going to be led by a total misogynist who thinks women can be 'grabbed by the pussy', that LGBT rights don't deserve a space on his official website and that immigrants should be 'contained'*, we are going to need a whole bucket load of kindness towards each other!

*just 3 examples of the idiocy currently being spouted by him and his team. The list of bullshit is endless, but I didn't want to list it all here incase you sat and cried all day!

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