10 January 2017


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My God, how hard is it to find a reliable energy provider who sends you accurate bills, answers the bloody phone and knows what they're doing? In England, apparently nigh on impossible.

I can not tell you how hard npower have made our lives in the last 18 months. We had a huge issue, after 16 months of ranty phonecalls they claimed to have fixed it, we left it a few months (because of emotional and mental exhaustion) then decided to leave and GUESS WHAT? Yesterday we found out that our switch to another provider was automatically denied because...the initial fault that they claimed they had fixed IS STILL THERE.

It's not even a broken pipe or a faulty connector, something tangible and understandable...it's some nitwit in an office who can't update our account properly and therefore sends us bills THOUSANDS of pounds over what we owe.

Am seething. Not to mention really quite upset for the old, lonely people who may have opened a bill like that, had heart failure and then paid the damn thing without questioning it at all.

Then, to top it all off, we have home care cover agreements for both houses with British Gas. Yesterday they were coming to fix the boiler at our old house (after seeing it on Sunday and promising to come back with the tiny part...) and nothing. No-one showed up and no-one rang me. Cue more frantic phone calls and cross words and an engineer who was still in the area and happy to do the job but a computer system that wouldn't allow them to book a job on his PDA therefore he couldn't come. I mean, I bloody ask you?!

Urgh. Anyway, yesterday's blog post was all written but failed to post and because I spent 90 mins of my day on the phone to British Gas when I had planned to sit down and do some admin, I didn't notice. Sorry.

I trust you all had a good weekend? We had a birthday party for the new boy at school (kill me now, Mood Hoover Mother was out in force, glaring at anyone who was unfortunate enough to catch her eye and moaning about anything and everything) and then on Sunday I spent an incredible day at Moddershall Oaks with the girls. Need a spa day and not sure where to go? Go to Moddershall Oaks. It was amazing. Close enough to mean I was back in time for bedtime stories and snuggles and far enough away that we could have a proper chat and catch up in the car before totally switching off and relaxing when we arrived. Such bliss!

Right, must dash, they've just called now to say they're on their way to the old house so I need to race round and let them in. Why yes, it is 15mins before I'm due to collect Toddler and no, Puppy hasn't done his lunchtime poo yet...how did you guess?!

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