18 January 2017

Peak of the Week

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(literally only found out what 'hump day' meant a few weeks ago, how random, hate it!)

It's Wednesday everyone, we're more than half way there. And lo, I am not more than half way through my wanky list of stuff that is stressing me out. It now reads as follows:

1 parent who is definitely moving on Friday, has finally sorted out the removals and now wants me to organise boy/dog cover with 2 days notice. Fine, Nana, no sweat...

1 contractor who has provided me with a comprehensive quote and one PLA committee who have refused to vote on it because it is, and I swear this is true, not in the correct format.

1 appointment with Sexy Headteacher to discuss the length of my child's hair. Aaarghh.

4 tickets for U2 that cost an impressive £1000 and 1 very grumpy Husband.

Sister is still moronic.

1 tenant who rang last night because he couldn't figure out how to turn the washing machine on.

1 phone call from Npower offering me £50 off a £500 bill after 18months of phone calls to rectify a fault made on their part. Yeah, I was not polite.

1 disco to organise now the drama has all calmed down and been dealt with.

1 smashed iPhone screen (thought I'd get my annual claim in first thing this year, sigh!)

1 cheque with the wrong name on to send back to British Gas.

2 insurance policies to update.

And the dear friend is still sad.

The list goes on and on and on...

Still, had a lovely morning at the playbarn with Posh Mama followed by a sneaky trip to TKMaxx and Next and am now going to snuggle up under a blanket with Toddler before the school run at 3.40pm.

So, you know, could be worse. Hope you're all having a fun Wednesday? Roll on the weekend!! x

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