9 January 2017

2017 is well and truly underway...

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...and it's the traditional time for making changes. I'm normally great at coming up with my resolutions and I usually manage them...for a few months. But this year, nothing has sprung to mind. I needed some extra inspiration and a kick up the butt so I did what I always do, I did some reading ;-)

Here are some articles I read and loved last week when I was still dithering about trying to decide...

Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever (Photo: Rex)

Nine New Year's Resolutions

And here's the final list for 2017! I tried hard to make them healthy resolutions that will hopefully impact positively on my family, too.

This Mama will no longer drink any alcohol Mon-Thurs. Sigh.

I shall say 'no' to projects that really do not need my time nor attention. Soon I will be working on the Cancer Research spring event and I've agreed to head up the Forest School development at school, those two things alongside a new puppy, running a house and two small firecracker boys are MORE than enough, thank you very much, but I shall need to remind myself and fight my natural urge to volunteer for everything going!

Take a weekend break away with Husband. 

Book a skiing trip. We have been putting this off FOREVER due to being pregnant, having a newborn, having a small child, having two small children and then this winter we hoped we would be pregnant again and as such didn't book a ski holiday (because this Mama wants to SKI damn it, not sit and watch!!) But, you know what, life goes on, and if I book a ski trip and then fall pregnant I will get to watch my little snow bunnies on the slopes and eat extra strudel. I can manage. Life is whizzing by and must be grabbed with two hands!

Plough some money into the house, rather than Boden's pockets!! I am happy with a temporary fix in the kitchen, but I really would like the dressing room wardrobes in our room ripped out and replaced. So that's the goal house-wise. Oh, and replace the garden table that Boy accidentally smashed with a hammer in the week between Christmas and New Year's (Husband's fault, I mean, really?! Who gives a 5yr old a lump hammer?!)

Five little things that will hopefully make life happier. Have sent the article about getting out of bed as soon as you wake up to Husband, let's see if he reads it!!

Did anyone else make some resolutions? Hope they're still going strong one week in...!

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