17 January 2017

Oh God, you guys!!

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How is possible to be this exhausted and pissed off AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY?? In the last few days I have dealt with:

1 parent who is potentially moving out of the family home we have all known and loved for 35 odd years on Friday AND WHO HASN'T BOOKED ANY REMOVALS.

1 contractor who promised me a quote within 48hrs and is still ignoring my calls after 5 days.

1 ridiculous teacher at school who decided that she would put Boy's hair in bunches for a gymnastics lesson (the less said about this the better at the moment as I am still in ranty mode about it!)

1 stressful session on Ticketmaster trying to get U2 ticket's for BFF's birthday which was totally unfruitful.

1 sister who has defied the medical advice of a team of professionals and made a decision about Niece's health and recovery that is moronic and selfish.

1 tenant who rings/texts every single day asking me a ridiculous question.

1 boiler that had leaked inside so was blowing the electrics every time Husband decided that he knew better that the very safety features designed to protect us from certain death, overrode it and turned it back on again.

5 visits from British Gas.

1 snotty phonecall from the electrician that Husband had decided was at fault (can't blame him, he was entirely blameless in this situation and I had to grovel profusely)

1 bitch mother at school who decided to complain about a photo of Kindergarten Teacher and myself out at dinner which I had posted on Facebook six weeks ago.

1 group of angry PLA members fighting over the provision of temporary tattoos at the upcoming school disco.

And on top of all that anger-inducing faff, I have also counselled 1 girlfriend who has finally admitted that she is in a miserable relationship but feeling too scared to leave. Emotionally exhausting (for her more than me obvs, but still upsetting)

Solution: 2017 sucks ass! And I am off to Yoga to destress before I scream in someone's face. Hope your week is going better than mine!!

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