5 January 2017

Return from the wilderness

Morning!! Right, today will be photo-overload as I bring you up to date on life here in the shire. Then normal service will resume.

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas holiday. Husband had 2 whole weeks off work. This is unheard of. The man doesn't TAKE time off work, he has been known to answer calls at the top of ski slopes and in fancy Parisian restaurants (our honeymoon, sweet I know!) I suspect they physically banned him from the building this year? It was touch and go for a while at the start while we all found our place and adjusted to a new rhythm...but on the whole it's been rather calm and delightful. Hope I've not just jinxed our final 2 days together?!

We have been incredibly busy when I look through my photos...but it has felt quite relaxed and spread out which is also a first for us. Normally I get over-excited about family time and over-schedule us to the point where we have crying children on train platforms and ranting husbands in traffic jams. Boo. We haven't done any travelling this year (due to Puppy, I suppose?) and we hosted the main event for the first time in this house (SUCH fun!!) which also meant less stress.

Here's a peak...

Boy's favourite gift, HILARIOUS!

Such hardship, should I disturb Puppy to reach my gin? Aargh!!

My friends know me so well...!

Growing bigger by the day

Yet another section of the clown kitchen being taken out...

...to make space for...

...this Mama's Christmas gift. Yes. I am officially ancient. I got a fridge for Christmas!

Girls' night in? Buy one of every party food Waitrose have on offer!! 

Little trinket to cheer up a friend

After a slow-burning start, Dog has turned a corner with Puppy and now they're (almost, practically) besties!

Posh Mama bought the boys new dragons for Christmas. They go everywhere with us now!

Stellar parenting here. Accidentally let Toddler drink a rather large mouthful of my gin at dinner in Birmingham. He missed half the show at Town Hall. Oops!

Christmas Day dog walk to the park, as you do!

Any excuse to scale the cenotaph!

Toddler ripped open his stocking gifts before I'd even heard him wake up...

...but was then the SLOWEST GIFT UNWRAPPER in the world. He was still going at 4pm!! 

Meeting the Big Guy in Red at Yummy Mummy's annual shindig, such a great night.

Only the second year of this tradition but love it so, gingerbread houses with Goddaughter.

Seriously, when this kid is being a little 'taxing' I offer him a turn on the hoover and he is made up. Bless!

New favourite haunt in Birmingham, the Botanist. Nana and I dropped by for some nibbles before the ballet, great atmosphere and the food is delish.

Phew. See? We have done a lot in 3 weeks!! This week we have also been to Nana's for a big family meal (potentially the final one before she sells the family home and downsizes), taken Puppy for his second round of booster injections, all had haircuts and down quite a few trips to the big hospital after Husband's mother was taken ill on NYE (she's all fine, home soon, but was a bit stressful for a moment).

This is the first big holiday from school that Boy hasn't outgrown his school shoes (finally!! I was beginning to dread going to Clarks, every damn time the kid needed new shoes AND new trainers AND new rugby boots AND new play shoes for home, we were going to need to remortgage the house if it continued...) so to celebrate we've said we'll take him to the cinema this weekend. I know. A reward for not growing. Ridiculous!!

Did anyone get anything wonderful for a Christmas gift? And did anyone make some resolutions for the new year ahead? I'm normally really good at setting some (and keeping them until at least February!) but am struggling to think of any this year...ideas welcome below!

Have a great weekend, will be back on Monday with my final list x

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