1 January 2017

Happy New Year!!

Hola, I'm emerged from the darkness that is Christmas to post this...

Tom Hardy - UK Esquire January 2017- he is the only man the saggy pants look is acceptable on!:

...you are eternally welcome. 

This Mama will be back soon, with puppy updates, shire news, house de-cluttering tips (the start of a new year always gets me a bit antsy and I start flinging things in bin liners, Husband had better not stand still for too long or he'll find himself on the way to the skip!!) and wardrobe developments, but right now I have 4 days left of my babies at home and I need to soak up every precious moment. You must excuse me from the party for a while longer!

I trust you have all enjoyed a relaxing and restorative Christmas break and are ready to roar your way into 2017?! See you on Thursday x

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