12 December 2016

Tree sneaky peek

Sorry, sorry, sorry, Christmas life is so mentally busy...there are no apologies, just excuses! I'll stop...

Tree is finally up, woo, and Puppy is doing so well with his toilet training. Only 5 accidents in 4 days and four of those were when Husband was in charge (surprised? no-one? really?!) Life is a bit jam-packed really and we are all beginning to limp a little...only five days left of school though and then we can really relax into the festive period.

Here's some photos from the last week...

The finished article. 2 feet shorter than last year due to stupid dog crate taking up all the space. Boo. Still...lovely!

Toddler is petrified of Puppy...

Kindergarten Teacher left her car here overnight Friday...Boy offered to wash it on Saturday morning as an act of advent kindness!

School runnings

He got a LOT of fuss!

Making friends with Dog

Right, am off to drink a large G&T and flick through my Nigella Christmas book to make a huge shopping list. Then I really need to wash my hair. And fold some laundry. And load the dishwasher. Aargh...

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