1 June 2016


Do you remember those 2 Boden tops that shrunk in the wash?

Well my brand new Zara one did the same. Am so mad. I tried it on, loved it, so cut off the labels, washed it on 30' as per the bloody instructions and it now resembles a sort of odd crop top. I'm not built for a REGULAR crop top, let alone an odd one. Need to take it back but it's half term and I have two small children with me who wouldn't be too impressed if I announced I was dragging them to the shops. It'll have to wait, and of course I'll forget about it, and then it'll be too late since I bought it, so I'll throw it in the charity bag. Grr!

OTHER THAN THAT, Toddler has been fighting off some weird virus since Sunday. I went out with Yummy Mummy for a few hours and came home to a very hot little boy who just wanted to sit on my knee. When you can't normally get your kid to sit still for 30 seconds and all of a sudden he won't get off your lap, you know he's sick! He's had an upset tummy and been a Mr Cranky-Pants ever since. This morning he has woken up and eaten two breakfasts though, so hopefully is on the mend.

(We don't much like having our fringes trimmed in this house!)

Yesterday we pootled around town first thing. I had a meeting for the Cancer Research luncheon we're holding on Sunday (225 for lunch, eeshk!) so the boys 'helped out' for an hour in the estate agent where our Chairperson works. Then we visited the bakery where Boy made a list of all the cakes he's going to order this week on holiday! On the way home we bumped into Nana who had arrived at the house, found us missing, so come out to find us on the high street. We all walked home together, ate our cakes!, and then all had our hair cut. It was only 3/10 on the noisy scale, which is incredible considering that last time she was here, we almost made our hairdresser's ears bleed!!

Today we have a totally free day, which normally makes me anxious but I'm oddly looking forward to. Toddler could do with one more morning of Calpol and Disney movies, I have a tonne of paperwork to finish for this luncheon, the kitchen floor needs mopping (I never miss our cleaner more than when she goes on holiday for 2 weeks, waaahhh!!) and we only need to run out to Hobbycraft this afternoon for table plan supplies. Might treat them to a dirty McDonald's for lunch?! ;-)

Hope you're all enjoying your half term?? I trust your plans are a bit more exciting than ours!!

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