12 June 2016

Full on fatigue

I am officially broken.

Regatta luncheon last weekend, raised £15,000 for Cancer Research.

School summer ball on Friday, raised £2,500 for the nursery climbing frame.

Town carnival yesterday, Boy was a corgi and I was involved for four long hours of my life I'll never get back.

Birthday party for a Kindergarten friend this morning, no coffee served!

I am exhausted!!

May's no-sugar challenge lasted a shameful 36 hours so have taken drastic action and bought a Clean 9 which I am determined to start tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Am, of course, panic eating everything in sight this evening due to impending starvation. Not sure that'll help...

That's all. Am too tired to sit upright in this chair any longer, let alone type real life words in any sort of order. So I'll leave you with this...

Much love x

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