29 January 2015

On boys, and their bumps

My god, do little girls do this or is it a boy thing? Baby is constantly on his face, banging his head, knocking his chin, getting his hand stepped on (technically not his fault but still...) It's non-stop. He is only 9 months old but obsessed with standing, and whilst I think we're through the worst stage where they can't physically stand for toffee but won't be told and wind up with their face whacking the TV unit multiple times an hour, it's still quite labour intensive over here. He is now a competent little stander-upper and is beginning to cruise around like a crazy person, but every so often he loses balance and oops, there he is shrieking again. He's beginning to look like a child of neglect. And it's not like I don't try. I have cushions around the fireplace, I am constantly watching him, supporting him, encouraging him out of harm's way, I'm the helicopter parent I swore I'd never be! But still, he's so damn fast and so damn wobbly. One second he's got it and the next we're both in tears again. It's enough to make me want to invest in one of those bloody baby prisons.
Why must I raise such independent, adventurous little bruisers? Next thing I know he'll be working out logical solutions to problems that I was hoping would stump him (Oh no darling, we can't watch Lion King AGAIN, we've lost the remote...I know Mummy, let's use the television in your room...damn it!)

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