21 January 2015

The name’s Ford. Gina Ford.

Baby has now been sleeping for 1hr and 56mins and counting…please sweet baby Jesus let this be the turning point in his sleep routine. 

The kid can do 12hrs at night with no issue, cracked it at 11 weeks old, but I’ve really struggled to get him to embrace the big lunchtime nap in the middle of the day. We’ve had weeks of 37mins then screaming until I take him out of his cot. I finally got him extended to 1hr20mins but then he still needs a power nap around 4/4.30pm.
Please don’t let this be a snot-induced fluke. Let this be it. Let this be the start of proper naps so Mama can write, clean, prep dinner, do some schoolwork with Toddler… We will all feel so much more human.
Fingers crossed!

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