14 March 2017

Eeyore Days

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That's me, I am essentially a fat, grey donkey under a rain cloud. It arrived about three weeks ago and just won't shift. Getting dressed and out of the house is a struggle at the moment, not to mention the aches and pains I'm suffering from. This funk is physically painful. We've been late to school, watched more Disney films that I care to admit to and are surviving on scrambled egg on toast (poor children). I can not be bothered to wash my hair or wear makeup and sometimes can't even muster up the energy to answer Husband when he attempts conversation with my miserable self. I have been dragging myself to swimming for Toddler, and yoga classes twice a week for an hour's peace and clarity, but other than that it's been a lot of lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. One day last week I took the boys to school and went back to bed until 12.30pm. I think I did that, ooh, maybe twice when Boy was a newborn. It's THAT bad.

I know exactly what brought it on. I am now on month 7 of 'not preventing a pregnancy' and got my period again. Boy's teacher has been off sick for 5 months and the disruption to his education and state of mind has been extremely stressful and unsettling. Dear Friend in Crisis is no closer to making a decision about her quandary which I have been counselling her through and I'm not entirely convinced she ever will. And the Moron Parents at school are up in arms about their latest complaint...noone is entirely sure what their problem is but we think she might be suffering from some kind of psychosis? Unfortunately, it would seem that ignoring them and hoping they go away makes them complain more loudly and more angrily. They're like Rumpel-fucking-stiltskin.

So yeah, it's all got a bit too much for this Mama and I've shut down. As soon as I'm able, I'll get back to posting more regularly. In the meantime, here's the latest offering of pics for Life in the Shire...

Forest school playgroup

Team M&M enjoying some serious mud action

Toddler needed new shoes, hence a trip to Shoe be do in Shrewsbury

Mama feeling blue so Toddler spent all afternoon in his pants making a tail with a dog toy. 

And I want one of these for Mothers' Day!!

Hope you're all keeping better than I!! Much love xx

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