22 February 2017

Half term joy!!

Oh, my heart. How I LOVE, ADORE AND WORSHIP the half term holidays. Boy finished on Friday at 3.40pm and by 4pm we were home, in our comfies, on the sofa with hot chocolates watching Big Hero 6. Screw you, screen time limits, we're on HOLIDAY!!

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Cheesy but true!

Saturday was a massive family romp around the woods and Puppy went off his lead for the first time. Such a fun family time together.

Sunday was the obligatory Ikea trip (Boy will do anything for a trip to that place, this time I got wise and left Toddler at home with Husband!) and whilst it was busy, he was an absolute delight and I really enjoyed watching him make grown-up storage decisions for his Lego collection (he went classic Trofast!)

Monday was haircuts and cinema with BFF and her babies. That screaming you heard all over Shropshire at 12pm...? That was Boy getting his fringe trimmed. Give me gin!

Yesterday was a lovely relaxed afternoon at home with Posh Mama and her girl. This was after Boy and I took the dogs for a walk and forgot our house keys so had to walk another mile to collect the spare from BFF!

I have learned the hard way that having plans each and every day of the holidays is a recipe for absolute disaster so today is totally plan-free. We are going to chill at home all morning, scoot down to school to see the forest school men on site and see how the new shelter/outdoor classroom is coming along and then head home for meatballs for tea (Toddler's request!)

On Thursday we are seeing Auntie and Niece (is there any of that gin left?!)

Friday we are...plan-free again. Woo!

Here's some snaps off my phone (did I tell you that I smashed yet another phone?! Groan!) Apologies if you've seen some of these before, I can't remember where I was up to before I fell silent once again??

Forest school planning...will we have ANY dry days this week? So much to do!

The benefits of locking yourself out of the house...!

New orchid (Ikea purchase, thanks v much!) and Husband's new rather expensive lamp.

Someone has had their bedguard removed. Someone now spends the majority of the night on the floor. I give in!

He really loves being able to hold the lead. Dog is too big and strong. Long may Puppy keep up this calm walking-to-heel!

Toddler and this blessed Mama

Half Term is HERE and we have nowhere else to be, taking our time in Chetwynd Firs.

So restrained!!

Happy Dog!

This was on the last Thursday of half term and he was positively limping towards the holidays... at this point he had been up there 22mins and was close to making us late. I had to laugh. It was either that or nail some gin at 7.45am!!

Besties (excuse the festive pjs, after this photo was taken I realised he was still wearing them and swapped them out for regular tartan trousers, honestly!)

Small treats to make this Mama smile.

My latest project. Am feeling the pressure.

Life with Boys, part 1 of 598.

Life with Boys, part 2!!

The Gina Ford dream-wee at 11pm!

What else is new? Let's see...

Forest school is coming along nicely and today there's been a huge delivery of equipment and 'furniture' which I need to unpack and assemble. Am aiming to have an unofficial opening on March 11th, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Excited to unpack this!

Nana has now moved and is all settled in to her new pad. Boys have had their first sleepover which went well apart from Toddler vomiting in his bed at 11.30pm and Boy waking the household up at 5.45am to make pancakes...!!

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Puppy has decided that, no matter what I do, breakfast time is 6am. This is exhausting and frustrating as, after years of training and following the rules, Dog, Boy and Toddler are now following his lead and figuring, well hey, if she's up already we may as well all troop downstairs after her and demand breakfast too. Puppy has effectively shat all over 5.5yrs of Gina Ford intensive training, at least he sleeps through the night and doesn't poop on my floor. Can't have everything, I guess. And it's taken him 10 weeks, but he has finally figured out how to walk up the stairs, which is just as well really as I'm not sure I could have carried him up to bed for much longer, he weighs a tonne!

We've decided on Little Greene's Dock Blue for the snug chimney breast and I'm off to buy the paint today!

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Dog has his first hydrotherapy session in Lichfield last week and, once we'd persuaded him to get in, had a whale of a time. Soooo cute! (disclaimer: there's nothing wrong with him, it's just for fun)

Toddler dropped the small iPad, Husband hit the roof, I said I'd get it sorted then realised that I had never got round to listing it on our gadget insurance. Feck. So we're currently using a small iPad that's held together with electrical tape. It's a good look!

And I think that's it! We have finally taken the plunge and booked tickets for Legoland in May (secret from the boys) which is exciting. There will be no aeroplanes this year, too many exciting projects to start at the house, but we now have 3 trips in this country planned which is more than enough to keep anyone happy.

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Oh, I know, check out what I managed to nab in the Hush sale...

Image result for hush parka

Have been lusting after it for 2/3 bloody seasons and when I spotted one left in my size I jumped. Am still waiting for it to get here, so keep fingers crossed it fits me. I am going to wear it exactly as modelled above!

Right, am off to build some Lego models with my small loves before reluctantly getting them dressed and heading out for some fresh air. Have an awesome Wednesday, friends, might see you before the weekend ;-)

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