3 February 2017


Wahooooo Friday is here...

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And it's the first one in February. Is it? *checks It IS!!

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Have been terribly remiss recently with my monthly recaps and future plans...possibly because when I sat down to write them each time they were so mind-numbingly boring that I found myself drifting off, it was farcical to expect some other innocent fecker to READ them! But I do enjoy doing them...so I have made a conscious effort to make this one more exciting!! (Disclaimer: 75% of this blog post may be fiction!)

Soooooo, January.

We did...

And in February we have...

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Stage 2 of the forest school development (which hopefully involves some serious shopping!)

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Posh Mama's birthday party extravaganza (how can she possibly have a 6 year old? Insane!)

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Supper out with Yummy Mummy

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Lichfield sleepover

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Ikea trip to buy bunkbeds (note to self: achieve this before aforementioned sleepover!!)

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Valentines Disco at school

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Haircuts with the boys, give me strength!

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Boy's 5.5yr birthday, weeee!!

Image result for dog hydrotherapy

Dog's first session of hydrotherapy fun!!

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Ooh, to be fair, all of that is real ;-) My life isn't as boring and mundane as first thought, happy days.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. We are off to a unicorn party and then possibly squeezing in this bloody Ikea run before spending our Sunday morning at the local high school for rugby training (regular pitch is too muddy or some such rubbish, I'm not sure!) Keep your fingers crossed that I don't freeze to death!!

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