21 February 2015

This month's 7 little loves

1. Am crushing over my new shampoo, the organix Kukui oil that comes in a classy black bottle. Literally, it is like pouring liquid silk onto your hair and makes me look forward to the chore I normally avoid at all costs (God I hate washing my hair!!) Try it, you will LOVE it!

2. It's nothing new but I'm loving Amazon this week for their speedy delivery of our many, many packing boxes. If only they shipped out little Thai guys to actually pack for me too!

3. Husband bought me a shiny new bracelet from Pandora for 'love-day' as Toddler has renamed it. It's a solid bangle as opposed to the classic loose chain style I already had but all my existing charms would fit on it as normal if I wished. Something about it just gives it a whole different look, terribly grown up, love it!

4. Silver Linings Playbook. Randomly found it on Sky movies this evening while doing laundry and adored it. So so odd and raw and wonderful. I really enjoyed the characters, their flaws/quirks and their honesty. Watch it, it's beautiful x

5. Fairy lights. Coz you know, they make everything and anything look wonderful and cosy. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you put fairy lights on a dog poo and it made people go 'Ohhh, pretty'. Honestly!

6. Toddler. He is just breaking my heart open every day at the minute. Can't decide if he's doing something out of the ordinary or if it's my hormones but man, he's a crackerjack. He woke me at 6.45 with a toy hammer the other day fixing my knee. Ok then?! He makes me laugh every single hour I'm with him and frankly that's priceless!

7. And finally, I'm crushing on the details and floorplan of OUR NEW HOME!! It has been a totally insane and confuddling week (shall post details tomorrow but be warned, it's a totally ballache even to read, let alone live!) but yes. We have found the one and had our offer accepted. I know it's premature but we are all smiley and happy over here today. Woo!! Shall update you properly tomorrow, when I've waded my way through some more packing and dealt with yet another drama at nursery. I really don't know how other Mamas fit in going to work?

What are your favourite little loves this week? And did you make any sacrifices/disciplines for Lent? My goddaughter has given up gravy. We're raising her devout 😉

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