27 February 2015

Girly night

OMG had the best night. Got the boys into bed without any upset and skipped off out to see the new house for the second time. It is frightening how easily you can spend that amount of money and not know where the blinkin' fridge is!
Was slightly anxious that I'd see faults this time or come away feeling disappointed but quite the opposite, came away feeling thrilled and excited. It is still everything we were looking for and just feels so right. This warm fuzzy feeling quickly turned into fear of losing it of course, but we're trying really hard to ignore negative angst. Everything will be fine and go swimmingly. That's what we're chanting like mentalists!!
It was farcical though, I looked like a right plonker. Kept walking into rooms and exclaiming, oh there's a window!, or actually walking far enough into a room this time to be able to turn around properly and say 'oh gosh, there's a whole unit behind the door!' Honestly, how ridiculous! Was really good to see everything for the second time though. Walls in places are longer than I thought, some windows are bigger than I thought, the utility is twice as big as I remembered, there's a stunningly beautiful fireplace in the dining room I hadn't properly looked at...it goes on and on. 
Obviously we clocked a few little things. The master bedroom is crying out for a lick of paint and new carpet but that's the only room I don't like really and it will be nice to focus on our own space for a change; you always seem to be decorating the living spaces or boys' rooms when you have a family I find? Since they're all perfect blank canvasses then there will be no need. Hazzah!
I am so anxious something will go wrong. I can see us there, living there, growing in the space and being so happy. The thought of it slipping away makes me go all sweaty and wobbly 😞
Everything will be fine and go swimmingly. Everything will be fine and go swimmingly!!
When we left the house (reluctantly, backing out of the door stroking the walls!) Husband dropped me at the pub to meet the girls for supper. Just the tonic I have needed this week. Laughter, gossip, ranting and the most amazing Malaysian curry I've had in a long time. Brilliant! Came home feeling happy and content. How nice to have such wonderful friends that you forget all about your worries for a few blissful hours. I also forgot about my potentially broken foot (Toddler plus full juice cup, ouch!) which was an added bonus. 
Everything will be fine and go swimmingly! It will. It will!

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