16 February 2015

Running Mama

I like the concept of running. I like the idea that you run out the door, run away from your responsibilities, run off all the stress and tension of your long, hard day with the tiddlers...in my mind I'm that woman who just bounces out the door, runs for 5 miles without passing out or looking like shit and then bounces home, revitalised and ready to do it all over again tomorrow. 
In my mind. 
In real life, I have a pair of trainers in my closet that look practically brand new, don't particularly like the way I look in my running gear, get sore ears when it's cold and have this weird itchy thing that happens when I exert any energy (something to do with not enough water?) which freaks me out.
Anyway. I am well past signing up to fancy, enticing, expensive gyms and besides which the nearest one with childcare is 30mins drive away. And I am also well past being lethargic, depressed, wibbly and 'lost' being 'Mama'. I desprately need to carve out some 'me-time', for my mind and my body. So out come the trainers, and she's off! Tonight was the inaugural run. Baby is 9 months old so it seemed fitting (9 months to fall apart, 9 months to recover etc etc...)
Managed 2.87 miles with Yummy Mummy trundling along beside me at my snail's pace for moral support. But I didn't pass out and didn't pee my pants. So, winner!!

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