6 February 2015

French Mama

French Mama is a conundrum. Wrapped in an enigma. I suspect she's quite shy and unsure really but sometimes, when you're first getting to know her it comes across as opinionated and defensive. 
I like her a lot. We're very different. She's probably the mother friend I'm least similar too? But this makes for many interesting conversations and discussions over terribly boring parenting topics such as poop and weaning! I would fiercely defend her right to co-sleep or use gentle parenting just as she would, albeit with a wry smile on her face, support my decision to use time-out!
Her youngest baby is under consultant care at the moment for a genetic abnormality. French Mama's poise and serenity throughout this entire process has been something to behold. Honestly, I would have been sobbing at doctors, shouting at receptionists, calling in favours from everyone and anyone we know. The uncertainty must be unbearable yet she never shows it. Maybe it's self preservation? Pretend it's all ok and it will be? God knows it's a tired and tested method. Got me through the spring of 2012. Didn't work but...
French Mama has a real naughty side. She'll tap you on the butt as she skips by, drops really random titbits of gossip into conversation then refuse to elaborate, suddenly mention the summer she was living abroad that you never knew about before. 
She's just given up her job, a decision she came to rather abruptly after learning of Baby's issues, and is beginning her new life as a full time Mama. I think she's finding it all a bit daunting, like it's happened without her full attention? I'm excited to have her 'on board' though. She's always got the kettle on in her beautifully haphazard country kitchen and makes the most incredible brownies I've ever eaten. 
That sounds like our friendship is based on cake. Which isn't strictly true. But it ain't lies either!!

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