13 February 2015


OK. Don't want to jinx things, and as much as I don't believe in jinxes because they're total bollocks in this instance I am extremely (extremely) reluctant to anger the Gods of jinx...so I shall whisper the following...
*we have found and bought a house!*
Clearly, I am announcing this in a totally staid manner, not at all excited and completely aware of the fact that nothing is set in stone until moving day. Inside I am jumping up and down like Toddler on a sugar-high shrieking with glee and shaking my arms above my head! It's a small cottage nearer the town centre that has been extended and renovated, with log fires and a tiny staircase, a quirky kitchen and a huge garden that we both gaped at. Having been to so many bloody properties that were clearly photographed with a panoramic lens from across the street while the estate agent lay in the gutter, this was better than the pictures online even hinted at. By the time we got into the master bedroom we were squeezing each other on the arm and grinning like idiots.
As the rules of house-buying go, we shat all over them and stood in the kitchen making an offer directly to the vendors because we loved it so much and couldn't bear the thought of another bugger even stepping over the threshold. I tried my hardest to channel everything Kirstie has taught me, asking if they had a price in mind that would secure it...but wound up saying a figure first. Luckily, they accepted immediately and we skipped home happy.
The only fly in the ointment, as they say in films of the olden days, was our buyers and this imaginary asbestos. As soon as we got home we deflated completely and started angsting over what Friday would bring... Would they lower their offer? Would they walk away from the entire sale? Neither of us slept very much at all and I spent all morning at Eco-Mum's pacing up and down her kitchen like a mental patient staring at my phone. New baby must have thought I was the most boring visitor in the world.
Luckily, Nana has a direct line to God so we'd called in some favours and ta-da, they came to inspect the 'issues' brought to their attention by the incompetent surveyor and decided not one of them was of concern and everything is hunky-dory, tra la la, off we go. Thank Christ for that!
I then enjoyed a manic afternoon of phone calls to mortgage brokers and emails to and from the estate agent and we are currently sat refreshing Rightmove on our phones to see it get marked up as 'sold'. I have also downloaded the floor plan and am busy making Pinterest boards for each space. Husband is on Grand Designs-esque websites looking at glass and steel extensions. Never the twain shall meet but there you have it. Our marriage is essentially built on tension!!
Am off to look on Amazon for moving books for Toddler. I am conscious that this will be a huge change in his life and I want to equip him as much as possible beforehand. September is looming and starting school is more than enough for one little man, no matter how confident he appears on the outside. On the way home from Eco-Mum's today he asked if we were going straight to our new house and if he could take Simba (his stuffed bunny) with him so I definitely think we need some clarification and assurances if we're going to avoid another Santa situation. I try so hard to raise strong, caring, resilient boys but at the end of the day Toddler is only 3 and his spirit is still so fragile. Here's hoping Mama can prepare him for this next big, exciting adventure.

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