4 February 2015

Such a fun day

Inability to breathe through nose continues so took the wise decision to cancel the dental hygienist appointment that I had scheduled for midday. Distinct possibility I would have drowned or suffocated with someone's hands stuck inside my mouth and since I have no desire to do either at the moment (yay anti-depressants!) I re-booked it for another time. 
Nana was here to babysit for me and Toddler was at nursery so instead we decided to hit up the retail park for a bit of therapy and 'mooching' (it's a family sport, we rock at it!) Decided to be all maverick and carefree and go out for the day without a packed lunch for now-fully-weaned Baby. This was inevitably a disaster. Got all the way to the shops before realising that the Pizza Express I had visualised in my mind was the one 15 miles away at a DIFFERENT retail park and therefore my Baby-friendly lunch of lasagne/pasta/risotto that I was relying on to avoid a screaming meltdown was unavailable. 
Cue small panic attack outside JJB sport (I'm nothing if not classy!) but in the end it was all OK as Nana had a moment of clarity and ran off to buy an Ella's Kitchen pouch in Boots. This was excellent thinking on two counts as Baby loves those and Mama was breathing heavily into a brown paper bag by this point. 
Anyway, food crisis over the rest of the trip was delightful. He napped like a pro in the Bugaboo and we took our sweet time in TKMaxx (no crazed Toddler running up and down announcing his sudden love of teal spandex or revolting wall art)
Didn't buy a damn thing. Which is odd. Maybe I'm sicker than I thought?!

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