30 November 2016

Extended silence...

Massive apologies, blogging has been bumped so far down my ridiculous to-do list that I haven't even been able to think about it for the last 2 weeks other than to feel guilty and slack every so often.

We have the Christmas Fair at school looming, Christmas itself which we are hosting at our house coming fast, countless school-related things that need permission slips and bottle donations and funky jumpers, Husband working away for more hours than he's at home (always helpful when you have shit loads on!) and a new fireplace being fitted (my GOD that was a bigger job than I anticipated!) Not to mention buying those 8 annoying gifts you HAVE to get sorted in November in order to get them wrapped and posted in time because you won't see the recipients until February...

It's been kinda busy! I've missed you guys ;-)

So today here is a round up of photos from life lately in the shire. I'd write more but this morning I found out that Boy needs an innkeeper costume...for next Tuesday. Incredible!

Kisses for Mama

It was at THIS point in proceedings that I really regretted my decision...

...but then this happened so it was all OK again. Ready for the blue paint!

Heading out on the town with Yummy Mummy. Jumpsuit available here 

Regular Saturday morning, wake up, colour in a helmet... 

Pimp my ride!

God I wish it was still spa day!!

Life of Riley!!

Shower yoga

It's exhausting being 2!


Dancing like the chimney sweeps!

Forest walks with my 4 greatest loves.

AND...because life isn't busy enough...we're adding a new member.

Meet Boot (henceforth to be referred to as 'Puppy'!)

I must be clinically insane, but the boys are both smitten and Husband was the instigator so... he comes home next Sunday. Wish me luck...and send gin!!

Must dash to Asda on an emergency costume run. Swimming this morning might have to be bumped off the list, sorry Toddler :-(

So nice to be back, will try to drop in on Friday!! xx

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