11 November 2016

Happy Friday

Well...what a week. I have nothing to say that hasn't already been articulated all over your Twitter feed, so let's just hug those babies a little harder this weekend and stay strong in our resolve to raise them to be kind and gentle and fair and true. We can't control what happens outside but we CAN control what happens within our own four walls. I keep reminding myself of this when I get upset. And I'm not even American! Imagine...urgh!

On top of the presidential fuck-up, we've also received the news this week that our log fire is unsafe and needs replacing. Cue a huge bill we were not expecting. Eco Mama had to cancel our coffee date today when we really needed a catch-up and my John Lewis shopping evening with Nana was interrupted by yet another work emergency at Husband's office.

But...let us be positive. Friday has arrived and the long, sweet, well-needed weekend is stretched out infront of us. Yippee!! Husband is in Barcelona (again) but rubbly is cancelled so no freezing start to Sunday morning for this Mama (woo!) Kindy Teacher is coming over for coffee after school and I have chosen lovely new paint for the chimney breast in the snug.

We have Goddaughter's birthday celebrations tomorrow, followed by a bonfire party at Dentist Mama's house so I think Sunday will be the Remembrance service at church followed by Disney movies and hot chocolates under a blanket.

Enjoy the weekend, folks. Hand out kisses and smiles wherever you can, the world needs it!

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