9 November 2016

An Update

So, after Monday's post I went back and read a few entries just to refresh my memory of what we were chatting about and what I'd promised to tell you about before I fell down the black hole that was half term...and I noticed that my previous post ended with 'back on Friday with some exciting news...' ...and I've got to be honest. I have no idea what I was referring to?? How random.

Possibly it was the Gin Tasting day I went on with the girls last Saturday? SOOOO much fun. Six different gins with six different tonics...and a lot of gin general knowledge which started off fascinating but wound up falling on deaf ears as the afternoon (and the gin consumption) wore on!

Held at the Loki Wine Bar in Birmingham, this little place is a total gem and the afternoon was wonderful. Definitely check it out if you fancy some top notch wine knowledge or some comedy gold gin tasting, they know their stuff. At £40 pp it isn't cheap but def worth it, we all had a great time. The next one is being held on 7th January and you can book tickets here.

Gin, all the gin!!

After we'd drunk all the gin we walked the short distance to The Botanist on Temple Street. I'd never been before but the food was uh-mazing (that's not just the gin talking!) and there was cocktails in watering cans AND live music...what else do you need in life? 

Because we are all hip and cool and were out on the town sans children we did what all hip and cool young things do...headed to John Lewis for a few hours nag-free browsing. Loved this Christmas matryoshka that had a teeny tiny Baby Jesus hiding in the centre!!

And, in non gin-related news, Boy has discovered Snap Chat this holiday. This was him showing Nana how it works!

And we fell in love with Quarry Park all over again last week after spending the day there with Posh Mama and her girl. Every time we visit Shrewsbury I come home and look for houses online! Such a great spot.

And, purely for viewer pleasure, here's Toddler getting ready for a trip to the farm shop. Such a cool dude!!

That's a bit of life lately here in the shire...this week has been a bit more mundane so far and a LOT colder, we've been forced to wear gloves and put the cosy toes back on the Bugaboo (how I wish I was 2 again and someone pushed me around all day!)

Am off to John Lewis tonight for a Christmas Shopping Event, am hoping to snag those Russian dolls for the boys as well as make a start on my present shopping. Wish me luck!

See you all on Friday xx

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