3 August 2017

Summer holidays week 2&3

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Greetings from the trenches, friends. It's now nearing the end of week 3 and here's where we're at currently:

Some days I can't get to the front door without stepping on Lego

I have finally got used to making lunch every day (yes, they want food EVERY day around 12.30pm, easy to forget!!)

The boys have gone through the yay-we're-together-every-day-phase and the subsequent urgh-I-hate-you-every-day-phase and are now in a happy medium which is fairly settled and calm (long may it last)

I wake up every day with no idea what day of the week it is

So far (touch wood) we're managing a nice balance of activity days and home days and not feeling too frazzled or cranky. Being pregnant and so tired I could sleep standing up is helping on this front, I think. We're watching a Disney film every day at 2pm too (ps is anyone else's 6yr old Boy addicted to Moana? I sing it all day long!)

So yes, so far it's going quite well. Here's couple of pics when I remembered to get the camera out:

Mama invested in a TV/DVD combo for the bedroom which a) makes me twitch but b) has paid for itself in the last 2 weeks alone. Pregnancy = naps!!

Our sibling tops arrived and I LOVE THEM SO HARD!! Get them here on Etsy.

We're heading back down to Devon in the final week of the hols so grabbed these shorty wetsuits in Aldi last week for £10 each. This is Boy pretending to be on a jetski so you can see how it will be used?! Random...

We took the plunge and ordered some bunks from Happy Beds. Their room suddenly looks huge! After months of asking, Boy was up there for approx 3 minutes before he decided he is now too close to the loft hatch and freaked out...*eye roll! 

And this happened at 5pm on a Wednesday after a bike ride round Weston Park and a swimming lesson. Uh oh!! Bonus: he clearly wasn't going to be ready for bed any time soon so we convinced Husband to take us all out for dinner. Woo!

Next week we have swimming lessons every morning, our NCT birthday party, the electrician coming to sort out our outside lighting (we have switches, we have cables, we have lights...why won't they turn on?! Hopefully he'll be able to solve this mystery since we've now lived here 2.5yrs!) and WE HAVE OUR GENDER SCAN!! Now THAT'S an exciting week!!

Hope you're all coping with the summer holidays and it isn't too frantic your end. Am off to Ikea tonight with Posh Mama to play with their kitchen planning software, we know how to live ;-)

Take care xx

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