4 July 2017

A bit of life lately AND some shopping inspiration

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Where do the weeks keep disappearing away to? We only have 8 days left of school which means 8 days left of being a Year 1 Mama *cue sobbing!! How is that even possible?

Life just feels so incredibly busy at the moment. Yesterday I took the ridiculous decision to take Puppy to the vets after the school run (he still needs weighing for the right dosage of worming pills) WHY didn't I do this job today when I have no small children with me? Lord knows. No, I decided to take both children with me on this errand. So there we all were, at 4.30pm, tired and snack-ready, the Puppy acting like a 25kg dead weight on a lead because he was so nervous, Toddler running in and out of the sliding doors onto the busy carpark like a nutjob and Boy announcing he needed a poo at the top of his voice in a crowded waiting room. I've got to be honest, at one point I almost walked out and left them all there ;-)

So yes, this Mama is busy, stressed and frankly, looking for any way to make her life easier right now. Have embraced the online grocery shopping, am turning down playdates left, right and centre, am just trying to slow down time and focus on these last few days of having a year 1 child before it slips out of my fingers and is gone forever...

There are still things that must be done, however. Right now, I have end of year teacher gifts to organise, a baby shower gift to organise and Godfather's first wedding anniversary looming. These special events will not celebrate themselves! So I've done what every organised Mama does and turned to the internet. Easy, convenient, delivered to your door...perfection.

My latest discovery for unique gifts and treats is Uncommon Goods, the site is bursting with really lovely things and gives endless inspiration when you're up against the clock with little to no mental energy left to expend on what should be such a fun task (damn you, motherhood!) It also has an impressive mission statement that highlights how well it treats its employees (healthcare!) and emphasises the lengths the company goes to to reduce consumption of paper (more online business, less bulky catalogues in the post that people immediately throw out!)

Here's couple of things that caught my eye when I was browsing around late last night...

For Godfather and his beloved (I checked out the tab of gifts for anniversaries which all fit the bill nicely):

Custom Map Pillow

Custom Map Pillow of where they were married

Oval Oak Wine Carafe

Oval Oak Wine Carafe

I Still Live With My Parents Babysuit
Vest (she would find this hilarious!)

Bamboo Suction Baby Plate Set
Bamboo set - am a sucker for unique bowls and cutlery!

Solar System Bath Bombs Set
Solar system bath bombs, educational AND luxurious!

Soothe the Soul Yogi Candles

Soothe the Soul candles to relax after a long school year.

So there you have it. Quick and easy and now I have one less thing to sort out on my very long list. Which gives me time to race to a yoga session in town!

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday guys, and let me know if you find anything awesome on Uncommon Goods!! See you all soon x

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