18 April 2016


The day started off with random items in the boot of my car:

Then Baby, Nana and I did a bit of this:

I decided the house was full of SHIT so we promptly found ourselves here:

Which made a bit of a mess. That's OK, I thought, I'll finish it off while Baby naps. Then our day went a bit like this:

Therefore there was a bit of this:

Then we went and picked up Boy from a long school day. So we had a bit of this:

Which called for a bit of this:

But luckily, after a busy day of no naps, it soon turned into this:

(seamless panda link!)

So yes, roll on Tuesday. Let's see if anyone's sleepy tomorrow. 
I know I will be!

1 comment:

  1. Someone needs to tell baby it's never time to give up on naps, you need to milk that privilege for all it's worth!

    Charlotte xx
    Fox Socks