6 April 2016

Wassup Wednesday!

Lovely day here in the shire. This Mama needed to nip into school to discuss the upcoming ball so the boys went to play at BFFs for a few hours this morning. Apparently they were all angelic until my return, when they promptly both started whinging and falling out, typical! Then this afternoon we have watched Peter Pan and walked down the High Street to sort out Boys school shoes. Again. Goodbye £70!

A nice, relaxed day was exactly what we needed. Keeping busy is good, and God knows we miss our friends now the big kids are in school, but when tempers start to fray at the smallest things it really is time for a day making Lego models and watching Disney films under a duvet. I find that children thrive in a routine, but actually sometimes it does them good to bend the rules a little and breathe.

We spent our weekend at Center Parcs doing exactly that. Within reason, I let go. They rode their bikes and played outside with little supervision. They stayed up until late. They ate chocolate pancakes for lunch. Husband didn't take a single work-related phone call either and he was so relaxed and calm with the boys the whole time we were away. It was just what we needed. Here are some snaps...

Holidaying in the UK comes with one downside...

LOVE Center Parcs, we hadn't been in three summers (since Boy was 18months old) and had forgotten how great it is. We arrived before BFF and her family, here's the boys exploring our cabin.

Our besties arrived!!

We had one morning of drizzle, so figured we may as well go boating since we were already getting wet. Mama took this photo from the top of the lake (Baby needed an early nap after being up until 8.30pm the night before and I hate being on the water so volunteered to cycle him round in a trailer until he dropped off, my thighs did not thank me!)

These two besties were so excited to share a room. No sleep was had before 9.30pm every night we were away. They were, shall we say, a little cranky in the daytime!

Swimming. Lots of fun!

Painting pottery on Sunday morning. Love my Goddaughter. She is wild and assertive and dramatic and wonderful. She has moxie!

Loving on BFFs husband at Sunday brunch. He was so relaxed and happy all weekend, it was lovely to see.

Apologies for the crap pictures!!

And then yesterday I turned 33 so Nana and Auntie took me out for lunch. We headed over to Shrewsbury because they've recently revamped the big playpark in the quarry. Problem was, everyone in Shropshire evidently had the same plan. There was a queue to climb up the steps for the slide, a queue for the roundabout, a queue for the rope bridge...we let Boy have 15 minutes, bribed Baby and Niece with ice creams and then ran away fast. We'll try it again another day when it's not so manic.

This photo genuinely does not portray how busy it was in Quarry Park yesterday. Also, minutes after I took this, I bent down to wipe Baby's face, stood up and...Boy was gone. Vanished. Auntie started to scream, Nana started to cry...he had finished his ice cream, run back behind the camera to the mentally busy playpark and was happily standing in line for a go on the swings. I held it together but was 'this' close to panicking just before I spotted him. Blimey, 33 may be the year I go grey!

And then this was my birthday dinner. We organised a last-minute dinner with Yummy Mummy and her husband and their daughter babysat free of charge as a birthday gift. Excellent fun!!

So that's been our week so far. Tomorrow we are seeing our hairdresser and her children in the morning followed by an NCT friend and her boys in the afternoon. Friday is swimming lessons and supposedly the day we get our car back from the garage (I like the hire car they've sent us but I want my own wheels back now, thanks very much!) Saturday is an NCT playdate here and an animal birthday party and Sunday is a day trip out to Knowsley Safari Park for Auntie's 30th (don't ask!) 

Looking at that list makes me even happier we took today to chill!!

Boy isn't back at school until Thursday next week so am saving those three precious days next week for just us. We may hit up a playbarn (because other schools go back Monday/Tuesday so it should be nice and quiet?) and we will spend Tuesday together as a family because it's the anniversary of losing my Dad. Am hoping the memorial stone will be ready to lay on Wednesday, keep fingers crossed!

And then before we know it we'll be back on the school conveyor belt. Give me strength!

Hope everyone has had a great Wednesday, it'll soon be the weekend, yay!! Am off to change into my PJs since Baby just piddled on my jeans (apparently he couldn't hold it until he was ON the loo...sigh!) xx

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