28 April 2016

Pant free moments

Toddler was fully toilet trained before his second birthday and the entire thing was a breeze so I thought we were past the days of being 'pantless' around the house for quick and easy access to a potty. Apparently not. 
Earlier this evening he walked through to the snug where I was sitting on the floor, on hold to npower but with the phone plugged in so it didn't die (I'd been on hold for an hour!!), and was completely naked from the waist down. He said 'oh, hi Mama' and, obviously delighted at the novelty of finding me sat on the floor behind the sofa, decided to snuggle down and join me.

'Toddler', I asked, 'where are your pants and trousers?'

(And this is the bit that makes me laugh, he looked down at his legs and did a little jump, like he'd positively forgotten he was half naked?!)
'I d'no' he replied, and did a funny little shrug. 

Honestly, to be 2!

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