8 July 2016

Disney Planning...

To be totally honest, the total amount of Disney planning that I've done to date is as follows:

1. Book a trip to Disney

2. Sort out passports for the boys

3. Panic about losing one or both of them so investing in some GPS tracking devices (which are now pretty useless since I smashed the phone I linked them with, durrh!)

And that's it. Am freakishly blase about it all. I wonder when my natural OCD/travel anxiety is going to kick in?!

My Pinterest board currently looks like this:

Point to note: most of these links all take you to personal blogs and websites that contain exactly the same information. I can't help it, though. Collating many pins is my modern day equivalent of checking out every single book at the big library for each essay I had to write. I'd only ever read one of them (and when I say 'read' here I mean 'skim'...!) but it made me feel infinitely smarter to walk out holding armfuls of heavy books. Safety in numbers, even if I never look at them ;-)

Husband has point blank refused to accompany us (crowds? airports with small people? people speaking a foreign language? No, thanks!) so Nana is coming with me for a second pair of hands. We both speak French, we both handle the boys in a similar manner (this can't be said for my Husband and I) and we're both pretty laid back when things don't go exactly to plan. After last summer's flight up to Inverness when Boy shrieked loudly 'I NEED A WEE, QUICK, QUICK, IT'S COMING OUT!!' the second the seatbelt sign was fastened...on both flights!!...nothing can match that level of stress. Surely?!

I'm sure it'll be an excellent trip and hopefully full of magical memories. The weather looks incredible. I've just got to pack enough emergency pants...and not lose anyone.

In other news here in the shire, tomorrow is the huge Newport Show!! Boy is very excited about all the tractors, the motorcycle displays and the hunt dogs. He has also mentioned the food court A LOT. Toddler is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, oh to be 2! We will be in the members' tent from 10am, here's hoping they have enough prosecco for the whole day ;-)

Am off to collect Boy from school before having a quick meeting with the Headmaster. This is making me nervous because a) I hate having to broach awkward subjects with people in positions of responsibility and b) I find him oddly attractive and therefore giggle like some ridiculous teenage girl at stupid points in the conversation. Urgh! Wish me luck...

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. See you Monday

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