1 July 2016

Hello, July!!

Here it comes, a whole new 31 days to enjoy. Am writing down some goals to keep myself accountable...

1. Basically, goal number 1 is not to lose anyone at Disneyland Paris. Gotta be honest, it's entirely plausible. Have bought GPS tracking devices to attach to the belt loops on their shorts but even so...am quite panicky!

2. Finish reading this book and try to start the next. It's slow going. Am really enjoying it but keep falling asleep then forgetting where I got to, am sure I've read the majority of it so far at least twice. Shameful!

3. Hold it together on the last day of Kindergarten. This will be a tough one!

4. Enjoy some quality family time after the horribly hectic month that was June. We have the Newport Show to enjoy, the dragon boat races in Shrewsbury to watch and a family day out at Lilleshall Golf Club. Then we're going to spend a LOT of time in the garden chilling out, can't WAIT!!

5. Continue cooking 2 new meals a week. Have used Hello Fresh! and Gousto (no difference in quality or set-up, equally good and helpful to kick start your new kitchen regime!) but now need to keep it up myself which means looking in cook books and shopping for new and exciting ingredients. I'll see how I get on!

And that's it. 5 simple goals, here's to a calm and relaxing month (with 2 children at the end of it!!)


  1. I have just started that book (having bought the set of 5) and am really liking it. As far as the theme park goes I think the GPS is an inspired idea! (I also read 2 great tips with children in crowded places: 1) Write your mobile number on their arm with permanent marker so they can show the people at the lost child point and 2) Take their photo on your phone on the way in to the park so you have a (very) recent picture in case the worst happens and you lose track of them. I'm sure it will all be absolutely fine though! Have a brilliant time.

  2. Oh God, the photo idea is equal parts genius and frightening, probably very wise though, thank you! x