29 July 2016

Summer holidays in the shire

My Boy is on summer holidays from school. This is GREAT news!! Have been smart this time round and planned each of the 8 weeks independently to ensure we are not too bored or too rushed off our feet at any one time and so far our plan looks a little like this:

Week 1 - Disney!

Week 2 - Doing lots of holiday laundry!, day at forest school and seeing BFF

Week 3 - Nana's birthday trip into Birmingham on the train

Week 4 - Trip to Amerton Farm

Week 5 - Sleepover in Liverpool with Auntie and Niece

Week 6 - Sleepover in Lichfield with Nana

Week 7 - Boy turns FIVE!!!

Week 8 - Trip to Bristol to see uni friends

In between these big things we are playing at home, seeing school friends, running errands, reading our Phonics books and doing some Maths, building Lego models, meeting Husband at work for lunch...just lots of small things that don't involve rushing or stressing or shouting!

So far so good, here's some recent pics...

Husband built Toddler's new bed while we were in France. His time as a baby is long gone...I cried when he sent me this photo!

Am busy preparing for Boy's 5th birthday party. Many other themes were suggested and dismissed, apparently he wants Paw Patrol? Am rolling with it...

Spending lots of time on our bikes and had a great, lazy picnic in Quarry Park before Husband flew to Barcelona for the week. 

This made me giggle!

Trip into Birmingham to celebrate Nana's birthday, man did we pick the wrong train home! Here are my beloved children sitting in a bike storage compartment ;-)

And a little holiday tradition at this home, a new (small!) Lego model. The Boy did good, no grumbles at all whilst building it, that's a first! It will be a different story once he notices that Toddler got hold of it while he was watching Ninjago though...

And that's Week 3 underway...don't slip away too fast, dear holidays, we love you so!!

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