24 July 2016


It is not lost on me that my last post was all about scheduling some writing time and making sure that the blog wasn't left unattended for weeks on end... *tumble weed.

Apologies. End of term crept up on me, whizzed by in a whirlwind of tears and hugs and before I knew it we were at the airport for Disney. Then, once we got home it was endless laundry, tidying up the mess Husband had made in the 5 days I was away, stocking the fridge...you know how it goes.

Anyway, here's a Sunday morning update whilst the Boys are enjoying their one lazy morning of TV. I have a LOT of photos for you!

Life in the shire...

Newport Show was indeed an awesome day out. We went with Posh Mama and her crew and, whilst muddy in places (it rained all night the night before!), it was sunny and warm while we were there and the kids had a blast. Fun! If you've never been, I strongly recommend you get the info for next year here.

(Toddler fell asleep in my arms, now THAT's tired!)

(No chicks were squished during the taking of photos for this blog)

Disney was a blast. I shall blog more about it tomorrow, but bearing in mind Nana and I both had reservations before we went...we loved it! The weather helped, obvs, but it was a great time away. 

I finally got to M&S to pick up my purchases. The trousers were £14.50 and AMAZING (can't find a photo online now??) The jumper was £18 and...hmm...while I WANT to love it because it's so 'cool', I'm just not convinced I'll wear it? It's also kind of thick and doesn't 'hang' as I'd like? Am holding onto it for one more week...then I'll make a decision!

Cotton Rich Loose Fit Palm Print Top Clothing
(Should I stay or should I go?)

I got to escape the shire for a blissful 6 hours to meet a bestie from university who was visiting Birmingham for work. Shops, dinner out, huge glass of wine, no-one asking me to help them with their pants when I went for a wee...priceless!

Toddler has been a bit poorly with a snotty nose/fever type thing recently so has been playing quietly in the playroom a bit more than usual. This Mama went in to check on him the other day and found this...

...he obviously takes after me, not Husband (leaves things wherever his heart desires and skips off...)

We discovered 'Charlie's' store in Shrewsbury. Granted, we are decades behind every other fecker who lives here but it's still quite exciting. Think The Range meets B&M meets Countrywide, madness! Boy didn't share my glee...

Toddler brought me a hair bobble and asked to be just like his big brother...

Husband has been working late a lot (or having an affair, time will tell..!) so healthy dinners continue...

And we have been making the most of the glorious weather while it lasts. Luckily, both boys take after the maternal bloodline and tan (Husband explodes into flames if he's outside for longer than 10mins on a nice day!)

Our bedroom was finally decorated while we were in France (Husband spent 2 nights sleeping in a single bed in the Boys' space bedroom, loon!) so now I'm on an interiors mission. We need new bedside tables, new lamps, new photo frames to get some artwork up...and I have a budget of £25! Ikea, here we come! 

(Love this lamp!)

Had Nana over for a BBQ tea yesterday, such a fun, relaxed afternoon in the garden. The bathwater actually turned black when I bathed the boys at 6pm! Husband broke his favourite folding chair; Nana nearly choked on her burger laughing!!

Boy had a fun game of 'chicken' with the local fountains on Friday! I was convinced he was going to get caught but didn't intervene because a) it was pretty warm so he'd dry fast and b) he was having such a fun time I couldn't bring myself to stop him! That kid is water daft!!

And hot, summer days mean sunny purchases. Boy's first flip-flops. We went out for 'cheap' summer shoes to throw on in the garden and once he saw these, he was sold. 'Oh Mama, they're just like Daddy's!!' How could I say no?

Two problems. 1 - he looks so grown up in them I keep crying and 2 - he gets so angry at them when they fly off his feet that he's had three temper tantrums in 36 hours!! Give me strength!!

And that's us up to date. I don't need to feel so guilty now ;-)

Tomorrow I will return with Disney news (what? I will!) and let you know how I got on at Ikea. Wish me luck. Ikea will be fine. It's Husband's attitude I'm anxious about...

Have a great Sunday x

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