2 September 2016

Hello Autumn!!

September. Already?! Crazy times.

We are deep in back-to-school prep over here in the shire as we only have six days left together before Boy starts Year 1 and Toddler starts nursery two mornings a week. The uniforms have been washed, named and put into drawers, we have spent more money than we'd like to mention on new shoes, hair cuts have been booked into the diary...and I'm just trying to soak up as much of them as I can before next Thursday.

With regards school prep, I must quickly tell you about two products that we use every time and love.


We ordered a whole new set of these buttons for Toddler's nursery uniform from Easy2Name. They are so easy to attach and literally NEVER come off. You can re-use them again and again.

Blue starter vinyl labels for kids with cat 520 057

And these name labels are the best I've found for durability. Lots of fun colours and pictures to choose from. Great!

Here's a little peek into our August life lately...

Birthday frolics!!

An invasion at the castle...

Harvesting the reddest tomatoes. They didn't make it to the kitchen!

Bank holiday happiness. My new Oliver Bonas hooks are UP!

Because sitting ON your garden chair to eat your dinner would be too safe, no?

I sometimes wonder if it's time to remove the bed guard...then I find him like this and think 'possibly not!'

Fun at the farm. The mother next to us was telling her children not to touch the animals incase they bite. Then Boy picked up a massive handful of hay and fed the calf. I avoided her gaze!

Ahhhh car naps, how I've missed them ;-)

Play shoes, school shoes, rugby boots... my purse is officially empty. 
(PS those are technically 'girl' trainers on the left which the woman in Clarks pointed out to my son as he was beaming and asking for them. She got a rant. He got the trainers he liked. Grr!)

First session starts on Sunday. He is beyond excited and yet, he has no clue what 'rubbly' even is? I wonder how he'll get on?

And this photo isn't so much 'life lately' as 'life every damn day at our place'. Seriously. The kids are always naked!

So there you have it. It's been such a fun month, birthday months are always happy I find, but August has been really awesome. Looking forward to a nice, quiet September though. I am more than ready to change down a gear and unpack the ankle boots and tartan scarves!

Today we are dog-sitting for Boy's Kindergarten teacher and the poor little pupster is sitting in her crate trembling. Every time she moves Dog growls at her. So I'm off to sit her on my knee and spray him with the water bottle if he continues!! Grumpy boy!!

Have a great Friday, everyone and enjoy the weekend. Back on Monday x

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