16 September 2016

Tears and retail therapy

Well. Year 1 is not going as well as hoped, and Toddler is apparently so scared of nursery he can't function. Fuck!

Thursday morning found me crouched on the floor in the Y1 cloakroom with Boy clinging to my neck sobbing and Toddler sitting on my knee wailing. They are both tired, both feeling a bit sensitive and both struggling. It was shit all round. Y1 teacher came to help and between us we managed to calm Boy down and send him into class sniffing but smiling and I then spent 15mins playing in nursery trying to convince Toddler that he would have a lovely, lovely time with his friends and that noone was trying to kill him. By 9.30am I needed a gin and tonic so badly I was avoiding the kitchen and all temptation :-(

So, after a good cry into the dog and a rant at Husband over the phone, I did what all sensible people do whenever there's an emotional crisis. I shopped online.

Marks and Spencer have had such a rough patch over the last, ooh, forever, but things seem to be really on the up over there. Their latest collection is pretty incredible. You still need to search through the nude coloured granny pants and the nautical old-lady tshirts, but hidden in there are some pretty cool things. Here's what I've ordered...

Granted, these will probably look shit on me, but culottes are everywhere right now and they LOOK SO COOL! I want! They wouldn't drag in puddles...there's a reason they're awesome right there!

Again, may not like them on (what trousers do you wear them with??) but I love them.

Big boobs and ruffles? Probably not the way to go...we'll see!

(PS this is making me quite melancholy, I can see myself returning it all now, bugger!)

Because, well, just look at them! Am thinking I could wear them in Birmingham for our weekend away next month?

I never have anything to wear when we go out for dinner. I have everyday skinny jeans and ball gowns, no middle ground, none. This looked like a potential dinner blouse, so I threw it in the basket to try on?

I also ordered a deep purple coloured fit and flare dress that was £59 and for the life of me I can't find it online anymore? Random.

Anyway, I threw it all into my virtual basket, used the code SEPT16A27 for 20% off (thank you muchly @meandmywardrobe) and clicked 'buy'!! I can pick it all up in store on Sunday. Who knows if any of it will work, but I felt better for doing it. Shallow but effective!

Ironically, I have to go into M&S later on today for a bra fitting appointment. I'm trying to convince myself that my existing bras have shrunk in the wash but let's face it, I have put on weight and I just don't really enjoy the whole 4-boob look :-(

Off out tonight with Posh Mama and Leeds Dad's wife, we are going to drown our sorrows about small children being sad and house moves falling through AGAIN, grr. Tomorrow is Niece's second birthday so I shall try to limit the amount of gin consumed, noone really needs a hangover when they've got to get to Liverpool by 10am. Sigh. 

Have a great weekend, and nip into M&S if you get the chance!!

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