29 November 2015

Advent is coming!!

Are you ready??
Our calendars are bought (I may or may not have eaten an entire Dairy Milk one and had to replace it??)
Our activity calendar is complete and ready to print.
The majority of supplies we need to complete aforementioned activities have been purchased.
Our Christmas pjs are all wrapped up ready to open on Tuesday and wear for the next 30 days!!
Elf on the shelf is ready to go.
Behaviour chart (complete with elf stickers for success) is hung and ready for action - we're all over the positive reinforcement at the moment!!)
And just for fun, look what happened over at BFF's house last night...

That little blond blur at the front is Boy and the princess is red is Goddaughter. Their little faces when he walked through the door, priceless.
Come on Advent, we're ready for the festive countdown to begin!!

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