27 November 2015

Want, need, play, read!

Readers from last year will know, this little rhyme is how we buy gifts for our boys. Minimalist and boring, some might say, but our children are very fortunate little boys all year round who are being raised to (hopefully) know the value of things. Not to mention the fact that they are spoiled rotten by friends and family so we see no need to add to the huge pile of lovely gifts they receive on the big day!!

Anyway, here's what they will be opening come December 25th...apologies for the photos being all over the shop, they won't line up either?!
Baby is getting a battery powered engine for the Brio set we already own and Boy has requested (odd, yes?!) a fleecy star wars blanket for when he was watching movies. TKMaxx, thanks very much!
Baby needs a fleecy onesie for Friday mornings when he gets out of the pool...possibly not this one as he'd look bit odd covered in snowmen come February??


This is a shared gift as it's rather large! On offer today at GLTC if anyone else is after a wooden garage?

Love the moral behind the story on the left, and Baby isn't in fact getting this book on the right...but I have searched online for the right image for almost 23minutes now and am losing the will to live. Needless to say, it's a generic Christmas book with a music CD!

So there you have it, easy as 1,2,3,4. No unexpected surprises when wrapping (and realising you've accidentally somehow bought 47 gifts for one child and 3 for the other!) and relatively budget-friendly in a sense?

What are you buying for your little treasures this year? Husband is still ranting about a balance bike for Baby but a) we've already filled each category! and b) we'll need an idea for his second birthday in a few months so am inclined to wait until then. Another trip to isla bikes coming up!!

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