25 November 2015

An update

Happy Wednesday, everyone. We have been to an NCT coffee morning at Dentist Mama's house then battled our way back home through the teeming rain. Just time for a quick blog post while Baby plays cars, then lunch and naptime.
( rainy day by Ferdi Doussier)  http://tiendacostarica.cr/camaras-digitales/:

This is the weather in the shire today. God, it was hard to leave the house this morning! I can almost (not quite, but almost) make my peace with rain but it's the cold I hate (disclaimer: ironically, we all love to ski, but I suppose that's because you have proper gear on when you're skiing; you EXPECT it to be baltic, have prepared accordingly and are therefore conversely quite snug?)
I really need to investigate these merino wool thermal underlayer things, am tired of being so damn cold and miserable. And it's not just outside we have to moan about. Have realised in the last 48hours that old houses are actually quite fridge-like in the winter aren't they? Unless our heating is on or the fire is roaring, this beautiful, picturesque little cottage doesn't hold any heat at all. Boo! Baby has been waking in the night with freezing little hands and toes so have just ordered fleecy pjs and fluffy socks to warm him up a bit too.
This afternoon is swimming. I think this is what is causing my underlying feeling of anxiety today? Last week we were made to leave the pool in disgrace and I woke up dreading today's lesson. Thing is, Boy is only 4. He's a summer baby and it's the long, dark Christmas term...by the time he's done a full day in school he is walloped and close to tears. I appreciate that he is sometimes stubborn and whiny...and I'm the biggest eye-roller when parents declare 'well, he's TIRED...' as an excuse for bad behaviour but sometimes, dare I say it, it's just true? So yes, here's hoping his teacher has a bit more compassion and Boy has a bit more energy today or I'll be drinking wine at 7.01pm. Again! After an afternoon spent in tears. Again!
Must remember to fill the car with diesel or we won't make it there and back. And must remember to decorate Boy's Christmas tree decoration for the competition at school tomorrow. Last minute? Me? Never!
Auntie and Niece came to visit yesterday and it was only 6/10 on the painful scale so that's progress. In a nutshell, my sister owes my mother a considerable amount of money and is refusing to pay it back under the banner of financial issues therefore my mother and my sister are not currently speaking. They both spent 4 months ranting at me about the other until eventually I shrieked 'I don't want to hear this anymore' and, to be fair, on the whole they have kept their ongoing feud between themselves since (in total it's been 6 months and counting now, the pair of them are idiots) Saying that, my sister waffling on all day yesterday about her endless home projects, decorating ideas and current building works was a bit much to swallow. She infuriates me! But, I didn't lose my patience and scream at anyone and she's gone home now so it's all good. Ticked that box for another fortnight.
Ooh must remember tomorrow is mufti day!! (Golly, tomorrow has far too many opportunities for failure for my liking?!) 
Need an evening on the sofa under a duvet (cold house!) with some wine I think. Here's hoping it's celebratory wine after an excellent swimming lesson and not more 'woe is me' wine.
Have a great Wednesday, it'll soon be bedtime!!

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