6 November 2015


Did you read all those recent articles about how being 'busy' is bad for your health, seen as a squiff measure of success and is actually a sign of potentially being quite 'empty'?
My week has been mentalist busy!
Boy went back to school on Monday and my entire week has been tick-lists and errands and jobs and admin and phonecalls...
I have achieved quite a lot and up until Thursday lunchtime I was actually enjoying the buzz and the subsequent feeling of pride and efficiency. Then I spiralled into fatigue, emotional outbursts and melancholy. My tick-lists, although they are now considerably shorter, have shifted from being helpful tools to mean, cold-hearted nag-lists and all I want to do when I think of their contents is cry. 
Essentially I think I've been keeping so busy because my heart was missing Boy so much during the day. I bloody hate this school malarkey, I really do.
So yeah, you must excuse the radio silence but I was genuinely busy organising things for school, running a house, looking after 3 dogs (long story!), helping with Husband's admin, raising 2 small children and then I was genuinely busy wallowing!
Am still wallowing if I'm honest but need to organise everything for going away this weekend. Must garner some enthusiasm for London from somewhere...
I will be back on Monday with photos and tales from the big smoke. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Be careful with those sparklers!

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