28 November 2015



This was me last night. FFS. The boys sharing a room is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen and it makes me heart melt every time they blow each other kisses at lights-out. That said, there are considerable downsides and last night was one of these.
Boy woke up crying at 10pm, sometimes he does this if he's in a deep sleep but needs a wee, it takes him a while to come round and realise why he's woken himself up. Anyway, the crying and confusion woke Baby who very sweetly sat up, looked all confused and snoozy then thought 'OK, if you guys need me awake THAT badly...' and promptly woke up 110%. What a trooper!
Cue Mama over here trying to convince him that it was, in fact, still nighttime...Boy bumbled across the landing, wee'd and was asleep again within 28 seconds. I was negotiating with Baby until 11.30pm. I finally got him back to sleep in his cot, stumbled back into bed all traumatised and bleary and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. For about an hour until he woke a second time, clearly still unsettled and upset. Fuck it!
In the end he wound up snoring between Husband and I (perfect excuse for Husband's weekend tradition of 'I just didn't sleep a wink last night...' urgh!) hence why I am blogging with a coffee at 7.45am. They are both sitting infront of Peter Pan with a banana, a hot chocolate and a brioche! Tough night = easy start! Husband thinks he got off easy, what he has forgotten is that we have a child's 5th birthday party at 2pm which I may or may not now be attending ;-) Insert evil laugh here!
Did your little ones sleep better?? Here's hoping...

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