22 August 2016

Birthday Week is here!

Hurrah for birthday celebrations. BFF and her family fly out to Portugal this morning and will miss Boy's 5th birthday on Thursday so we had an early party for him at her house over the weekend. Man, did we eat a lot of food! Boy's Godfather is the BBQ King so naturally, when asked what he would like to eat at the party, Boy answered 'sausages, lots and lots of sausages'!! So that's what we consumed. A truckload of sausages and a LOT of gin.

Here's a few pictures of the happy day...

Opening his cards and presents from BFF and Nanny and Grandad

A little pre-BBQ entertainment from Toddler ;-)

BFF's eldest and our youngest. That tall lanky handsome chap used to be in my Year 1 class. He makes me feel old!

Birthday cake number 1!

Making birthday wishes...

Three squeaky clean babies after making baby soup (eg throwing everyone in the same bath at the same time and just spinning them around until they look clean!)

It was SUCH a fun day, helped by the gin naturally, but no-one fell out, no-one had a temper tantrum, we only lost the smallest dog once! We all came home feeling relaxed, with full tummies and more than ready for our beds. We are so incredibly lucky to have found these friends, they are a massive, important cog in the family we have built around us and our babies and we love them dearly. 

Nana and I are taking the boys down to London today for a little birthday trip so I shall try and take some good photos to share. We're hitting up Wahaca for some lunch (been having serious cravings since our last visit) and someone recommended The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason but apparently you can only get a table at 9am or 6pm...? So we'll be scouring for ice creams elsewhere, somehow I don't think we'll fail!!

Wish me luck on a 90min train journey with the smallest shrieking wonder. As soon as we get home I need to switch gear into party planning mode, and the forecast is rain, eeshk!

Have a great Monday, friends. This time next week we'll all still be in bed!!

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