3 August 2016

Bike-riding Boy

Morning, Happy Wednesday!! 

Hope you're all having a fun week so far? We are having a relaxed one this week with some school play dates and a lot of Lego models at home. As such, it's only 8.10 am and the boys are fed, washed, dressed and are already watching Lego Superheroes (apparently it's inspiration?! He's only 4 but he can lawyer the ass out of a TV argument!) So I'm using the quiet 30 mins to blog (and get dressed, do my makeup, throw some laundry on, load the dishwasher, answer some emails, you know how it goes...)

iPhone update - it FINALLY came back from the insurance repair place and...the screen isn't working 100%? It's like it starts to lose sensitivity if you've been using it for a while and either doesn't sense your finger at all therefore not responding to touch or thinks you poked 'Instagram' when really you poked 'Calendar'. This is nothing short of infuriating. The calm side of me thinks 'oh well, this will encourage me to use my phone less which can only be a good thing...' The not-so-calm side (and let's face it, this is 87% of my personality) wants to smash it with a hammer and scream! Thing is, can I be bothered to send it off AGAIN and be without a phone at all AGAIN? Hmm...

Boy went off for another bike ride with Nana at the weekend and clocked up an incredible TWELVE MILES! The kid's not even 5 yet! We dropped him off in Stafford and he cycled all the way home, with many picnic stops along the way apparently. On the drive back Toddler and I dropped Husband in Gnosall and he RAN home. Toddler and I just pointed and laughed, discussed how crazy they all were and drove home to eat an ice cream! 

Needless to say, after all that cycling (and all that ice cream) both boys were asleep within seconds. I was downstairs by 7.01pm and could hear snoring by 7.03pm, winner! Husband was lying around on the sofa moaning about his sore ankles (exercise? It's not for everyone!) so I sent him to bed under the guise of concern BUT SECRETLY it was so I could continue watching Gilmore girls on Netflix without feeling guilty. Love this show, takes me right back to days at university where I could lie in bed and watch it until 2pm if I so wished. Bloody kids! Am so glad I took the plunge and pressed 'play'...

Am on the lookout for a new 'easy to read' book if anyone's got any suggestions? Saw this snap on the-pool's instagram feed, googled every title and...none of them are released yet. Helpful! 

The problem is, at the moment I feel so tired and depleted that the thought of choosing something to watch or read is just too much to handle. I keep trawling amazon for new reads, then exhaling loudly and going in the bath instead. I just don't have the mental energy to tackle a book, the characters, the plot twists, the intrigue, the excitement...how depressing is that? I normally love to read. Even when looking on Netflix I find myself thinking 'that TV series is meant to be awesome...but it's such an effort...' Hence why I decided to revisit something I already knew with the Gilmore girls. Surely that's the epitome of lazy? Sigh.

Also feel I should share this mosaic delight. Husband spent last week in Barcelona. Did he buy me some new perfume on the way home? No. No he did not. He bought me this. Then tried to claim he'd found it in a tiny art gallery near his office when the receipt in the bag clearly stated it was from the airport gift shop, bought 15 mins before his flight. The man is a bonafide moron when it comes to giving gifts. I despair.

Right, am off to finish a few more jobs and then will turn the TV off, listen to Toddler lie on the floor wailing like his heart is broken before distracting him with his other great love, snack time!, and encouraging Boy to do some reading. Have a great day, everyone. Book recommendations below, please!

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