17 August 2016

What's Up Wednesday?!

Yo! Apologies for the lateness of this post, I got so far ahead in my scheduled posts that I got sloppy and complacent and lo, Wednesday has almost passed us by with no post. Bad Mama blogger!!

In my defence, we were in Lichfield overnight with Nana yesterday into today and we didn't stop for 5 minutes from the moment we arrived. This list will prove my point...

Eco Mama invited us over for lunch on Tuesday, 

then we had movie night and a sleepover (which didn't involve much sleep, why my mother hasn't embraced blackouts blinds when her eldest grandchild is now almost 5 I do not know but I swear, one day I'm going to address it head on...) 

followed by the oven repair man swinging by, 

Boy setting off on a bike ride, 

meeting Arty Mama in the park, 

lunch out, 

a quick shop, 

donkey rides in the park, 

pedalos on the lake, 

countless ice creams... 

I am shattered and both boys are snoring like middle aged drunks. 

BUT I gotta say, the whole trip was a roaring success!

Here's a quick peak, then I really need to roll into bed...

Poms on Bird Street. Seriously. Go here for lunch. I had never been before and it was a-mazing! And when Arty Mama's Boy spilled his massive glass of squash all over the rustic wooden floor?? They didn't even flinch. We will return!

My Boy and his adventure-loving Nana. She is 65 next summer and had just taken him on a 3 hour bike ride, but as soon as he asked to head to the park she jumped straight back up and carried on. She worships the ground he walks on...which isn't always a good thing (when he's playing up, for example!) But he is so so lucky to have her.

Arty Mama's Boy had requested a donkey ride (which was then used as effective bribery during lunch and a quick shopping trip) and the whole time we were in the queue, Toddler said 'no, errrr no, no thank you, no donkey, no me donkey, no thank you'...As soon as the lady called them forward he skipped up, chose a donkey and was gone. I hear he looked quite the pro but I was too busy wiping my eyes and sneezing after getting close enough to take this one picture. A-choo!

It was a really happy 36 hours. AND we managed to get our heads together to book the huge cottage we need for two big family birthdays next summer. Devon, here we come!

Shall leave you with this nugget of wisdom that I found on Pinterest whilst wearing a Breton top and sitting next to my two stripe-clad children!!

Have a lovely Thursday xx

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