11 March 2015

3 pet peeves

Have woken up in a grump. Here are 3 silly little things that piss me off much more than they should:
1. People who don't hold the door for you or let you through in traffic when they've clearly seen you, are in no particular rush, have literally nowhere to go...I can't help but shout 'THANK YOU' as they walk/drive off. It's the way they deliberately avoid all eye contact. Height of rudeness. Blood boils!
2. When Husband dresses the boys in the wrong combination of top and trousers. Not only have they been known to look like complete morons but all I can focus on is the fact that tomorrow, when I get out the plain blue trousers, the top that's meant to go with it will be in the wash and therefore my entire day will be ruined. I have to take them back upstairs and change them while he's not paying attention!
3. The muzzies being folded in the wrong way. Oh god. Actually this should have been number 1. I physically can't watch Husband fold laundry. When he offers to help me in front of the TV I actually recoil in horror. Again, I have to refold them all frantically when he goes for an advert-break-cuppa. 

Do you have 3 seemingly insignificant things that make your skin crawl? Get them off your chest, maybe we'll have a better day for it!

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