15 March 2015

Oh holy shitstorm

Words will totally fail me for this post, as well as rile me beyond comprehension, so let me fill you in as briefly as possible. 
Thursday pm: our buyers pulled out. No reason. No warning. 
Spent 24hrs in tears. 
Friday pm: we were saved by Nana and so far, fingers crossed, God willing, it's all back on again but we inadvertently have a small property portfolio and Husband needs to become a male escort to pay the mortgages. No pressure. 
And from this we have learned two major things. 1) people are selfish careless bastards who really don't give a shit about how their actions effect other people around them. I have to trust that karma will teach them a hard lesson sooner rather than later. And 2) estate agents really are slimy two-faced pricks. Ours assured me all would be fine, she would do all she could to retain our new house, don't panic tra la la and then promptly rang up our vendors and told them to get it back on rightmove. If she doesn't sell this before we complete I'm listing it with another agent in town and she can swivel. Bitch!
Anyway, need to ensure paperwork is on mortgage guy's desk by 9am Monday but hopefully it will all be ok now. She says. Too scared to exhale. 
And in an attempt to cheer up this post I shall now list the wonderful gifts Husband and children bought for me to celebrate Mothers Day. 
Oh no. Hang on. Sigh. 
Yesterday was open day at Toddler's new school for September so we all set off to remind ourselves of what we signed him up for 2.5 years ago and officially paid for 6 months ago. Luckily, all is as we remember and things will go ahead as planned. There are things to improve, things to question and things I already know I'll argue over but on the whole I am satisfied it is the right place for him right now. We met the new Head, poor bastard hasn't got a clue what's coming his way, and introduced Toddler. Figured he may as well meet the kid who will spend most of his first year of formal education in his office 😉So they're friends which is nice. 
Now we've just got to buy his uniform at the grand cost of £185 plus extras. Feck it. Posh Mama has just taken over the uniform shop, am gonna tap her up for some discount goods!! 
Right must go, boys are about to have a fistfight over a spoon. And by that I mean Toddler and Husband (can you say 'stubborn'??)
Looking forward to my totally Mama-centric relaxing afternoon of Cars the movie with toffee popcorn and Freddo bars (apparently Husband asked him what Mama would like best and that's what Toddler replied...and Husband believed him....!) followed by a very late lunch at Yummy Mummy's house. Hazzah!!
Have a great day xx

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