18 March 2015

What's up Wednesday

Wednesday and we're all about the happenings over here...

What we're eating: not much! Am in total moving mode so keep failing to do a massive food shop because, you know, we're moving soon. This is resulting in me opening the fridge every night at 5pm and thinking 'shit...' then cobbling together something crap for the boys, Husband getting in after 7pm, asking what's for dinner and being told 'nothing...?' and us both eating cereal on our laps at 9.30pm. This has to stop. Must buy food.

What I'm reading: shed loads of ridiculous emails from our solicitors, emails from our vendors, emails from their solicitors...inbetween these mind-numbingly boring emails I am trying to read Liane Moriarty's latest download which is called The Last Anniversary. Good, but I fear Little Lies has ruined me for all other books ever?!

What I'm reminiscing about: still on the nursery. Boo. The light green walls that hold so much emotional ammo. Can't bear it. Move on...

What I'm looking forward to: am aware this will be the most yawn-inducing post ever if I write 'moving day' so am going with, dinner tonight with the PLA girls in which I hope to get lots decided upon and sorted, followed by a run tomorrow (last night's felt amazing!) and then a playdate we have planned for Friday with 3 amazing toddler friends and their Mamas (and one token Papa!) Can Not Wait!

What I'm loving: Toddler has a brand new bright yellow rain mac. It's an absolute staple every Spring and makes my heart puff out of my chest each and every time he puts it on. Love!!

What we've been up to: Toddler started his first 'big boy' swimming lesson this week and it was a raring success. Am trying hard to not be 'pushy Mama' but am quietly convinced he's in the wrong class. I'll give them another few lessons then query it!! Other than that, not much. This week has been quieter and more home-based than last few due to the disruption of last Thursday and the subsequent problem-solving phonecalls I had to make. Sigh! On the upside, I've done a lot of laundry!

What I'm dreading: Hmm, I don't know if I have a current dread?? Need to make a doctors appointment for an issue I've had for, ooh, 4 years now? And that will be pretty pants, but I'm not dreading it so much as just putting it off due to boredom and general pregnancy-related-you-ruined-me-rage if you see what I mean?!

What I'm working on: Am pinning home decor ideas like a mad thing. And am seriously working on not wearing boots every damn day. I need some sunny days so I can crack out my converse. I genuinely think my winter boots this year will have to go in the bin soon. It's unheard of for me to get rid of shoes but after 2 winters of wearing them every single day they are almost a dead man. Sad times!

What I'm excited about: Nana, my sister and I have a weekend trip to Edinburgh planned. And Easter is coming up. And my birthday, which is doubly exciting because it lands on Easter Sunday when I CAN FINALLY DRINK ALCOHOL AGAIN!! Woo!! And then Baby will be one, which I am equal measures excited for and sad about. Boo!

What I'm watching: trying to catch the reruns of Modern Family Season 6 which I missed first time round (don't really know how, I blame our crappy TV box, grr) as it is my absolute favourite and I love it. Other than that, not much. Not a fan of the TV really.

What I'm listening to: we're still rocking 1989 in our car and have just added a brand new Jolly Phonics CD into the mix. Woo!

What I am annoyed by: the latest breastfeeding debate, which I will post properly about this week. Grr. Just grr! Also, the sad news that a man who committed suicide in a nearby city this week was goaded into jumping off a tall building by bystanders below. There are no words...

What I'm wearing today: skinny jeans, the almost dead winter boots, a tshirt underlayer and a reversible baggy sweater thing. Lots of new black eyeliner and a determined look ;-)

So that's what's happening over here this week. What's up with you?!

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