23 March 2015

Happiest of Mondays!

List of things to achieve this week:
1. Find the packing tape so we can do some bloody packing. Husband had it last unsupervised. This was a folly of sorts. He hasn't put anything back in its rightful place since 1988. Balls.
2. Ring solicitor and make him answer a question, and question will do, we'd just like to know something, anything! (Update: he's off today and back tomorrow. Pah ha ha ha ha, hysterical laughing)
3. Supervise Easter Egg Bingo at school and once again put a curse on Posh Mama who somehow convinced me to sign up to be a parent helper under the guise of going to the pub for wine. Bitch!
4. Take Toddler to big boy swimming lessons, woo, he is so excited to be doing this. Woke up this morning and that was the first thing he asked about.
5. Take Baby to his very last Baby Sensory class. Damn these little ones growing up too fast :-(
6. Meet BFF for coffee and cake on Wednesday where we shall mainly sit around chuntering about how long Lent is lasting this year and how we really need to give up something less 'integral' to our day to day lives next year.
7. Ooh and I'm going to purchase one item off my Spring list. Just one. And it'll be a small one. But after 24/48hours of scouring through Kat's instagram feed (doesmybumlook40) and pinning things like a crazy bastard I finally feel like I know which direction I want to head in this year. I totally don't. But blind optimism is always comforting!!

7 aims seems like a lot. Let's see how we do...Monday, bring it!

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