8 March 2015

And so begins another week of mayhem...

OMG it's true. In the last couple of months we have now learned two things. Never speak of house buying because of the JINX and play it cool when heading out to dinner because then it will be an absolute hoot. What fun!
Trusty next delivery man delivered my parcel at 9am on Saturday morning (blazer, jeans, handbag, yes. Boots, a massive fuck off no!) much to Husband's confusion and consternation (mental note: always get parcels delivered when Husband is at work!) so I had my new fancy outfit all ready to go and Nana came to corral the boys into the bath while I hid in the ensuite to get ready in peace. Meal was fine, nothing terribly mind blowing but I hadn't cooked it and I didn't have to wash up the plates so as far as I was concerned it could have been a friggin' pot noodle and I'd still have wept with gratitude. But the company was wonderful. At one point I started to slur, renamed a guest Malcolm (apparently he's been called Graham since birth??) got manhandled by an ex-parent who was on the next rowdy table and almost fell asleep driving everyone home. And that was all on lemonade!! But it was a really fun time. 
Decided to celebrate my lack of hangover by tackling Ikea with Toddler and Nana this morning. Foolish. Oh so foolish. Fun though, mainly because Husband was at home with Baby because they had a swim lesson that at £13.50 could NOT be missed, so I was free to dawdle, peruse, ponder...and throw things into the trolley as my heart desired. There's something quite maverick about throwing in yet more tea lights, not having to listen to anyone sighing and tutting and also knowing what you're doing is totally illicit. Woo!
Got back just in time to watch Baby finish his swimming lesson and then drove over to the new house so that Toddler could have a first look around and see his new bedroom. It must be such a surreal concept when you're 3 years old, he keeps asking about his books and toys and where they will go on the moving truck, so I want to make him as aware and as confident with the whole process as I can without overwhelming him. He was so sweet, asking if they would like him to take his shoes off at the door! The vendors were so welcoming and delightful, I'm so grateful for their understanding and kindness towards him. They both welcomed him with open arms and asked him which room he would like to look at first, let him fuss the puppy, didn't grimace when he knocked over a photo frame. They've lived there for 15 years so to allow a tiny stranger into the home where you brought up your own babies must have been a bit awkward but not once did they show it. Isn't the world full of nice, kind people?
Nana came with us for her first nosey round and promptly cried about how much my Dad would have liked it. I can't bring myself to process that yet so had to ignore her which always makes me feel like a cow. After we were all done and dragged ourselves out of the front door again, longing to stay, we went to the local pub for celebratory, excited dinner. Please let this week be the week it all gets sorted!
And so to Monday. This week brings with it haircuts (Toddler has twice been mistaken for Wurzel Gummidge this week so a trim is waaaay overdue), emails to solicitors, baby class, yet more packing, 2 runs in my new trainers!!, and then open day at Toddler's new school for September at the weekend. Am excited to meet the new Head and introduce myself but also to allow Toddler another chance to look around the main school building and classrooms. 
Golly, if I sat and thought about it for too long I'd be worried about what effect these two massive changes are going to have on someone so small and fragile. Eeshk. May have to 'up' my prayer quota for that special little spirit 😞

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